The captivating capital city of Hanoi has been the historical and political centre of Vietnam for 1000 years. Fortunately modern Hanoi has successfully retained many aspects of its ancient heritage. Its bustling Old Quarter, which has been a cauldron of commerce for 800 years, remains the best place to get a true feel for the city. Here, temples, markets, street traders and characterful crumbling architecture abound, while peaceful lakes ringed with joggers, tai chi practitioners and wandering couples provide respite from the frenetic buzz.

And there are few better places in the world to enjoy food and drink. Hanoi boasts a cafe culture to match the European capitals and a street food scene that garners worldwide acclaim. For foodies, a tour of the city’s street food is one of the best things to do in Hanoi.
The Red River delta surrounds the busy urban area with many small ancient handicraft villages which make excellent day tours in Hanoi.

Topas Travel offers Hanoi tours and Hanoi sightseeing. Join Topas Travel for one of our day trips in Hanoi and we will introduce you to the many aspects of the city that make it such an intoxicating place to both live and visit.

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