Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Pick up from your hotel at 7am and head to the Oxalis Adventure headquarters located right on the river. Join the briefing, then delve into the national park for a day of caving in Nuoc Nut, one of the park’s most adventurous caves.

Venture inside, illuminating the cavern with your headtorch as you go, until the cave opens up into a massive chamber. Marvel at the otherworldly formations, which you can see easily due to cracks of life from the surface. After exploring this underground wonder, which culminates in a massive underground lake that you swim in if you’re feeling up to it, enjoy a fresh picnic lunch in the jungle.

Hike through the jungle before making your way to Chay, the village from which you can take to a kayak and paddle down the river. With jungle-topped karsts pointing to a bright blue sky, it will feel like dream as you make your way downstream.