Hanoi is home to Vietnam’s very best museums, covering everything from the military history of the nation to the colorful ethnic diversity. Choose one from three of the best: the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, the National Museum of Vietnamese History, or the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Then head to the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s oldest university and still a place of worship, especially for students during exam season.

Enjoy a local lunch, either on the street or in a local restaurant, before understanding more about Hanoi’s 1000-year-old history in the monstrous Citadel. Stroll around the leafy gardens, marvel at the ancient architecture, and learn about the Citadel’s central position of power – which it maintains even today. Then explore one of the Old Quarter’s most picturesque houses, with tiled flooring, ancient wooden beams, and antique furniture.

Finish the day with a beer in one of the local fresh beer stalls. This light and refreshing drink is one of the (many) beverages that keeps Hanoi buzzing and refreshed. Enjoy it with a whole host of local snacks, from fried tofu to grilled meats.