Lanterns are one of the things that give Hoi An its magic, and locals believe that hanging them outside their houses will bring luck, happiness, and wealth to the family. Today you’ll get your chance to make your very own. First, hop on a bicycle and head to the artisan’s workshop, learn the craft, and get started!

Traditionally the lanterns were only made of silk and the shapes were limited, however, lantern makers have diversified not only the shapes of the lantern but also the material with which they are made. As a result, you’ll notice that a lot of the lanterns around Hoi An are shaped as lotuses, diamonds, triangles and even bulbs of garlic. They are also made from cardboard and nylon fibers in addition to the traditional silk versions.

Then head to Tra Que village for lunch, a rural space famous for producing high quality and organic vegetables. Relax in the fresh air and tuck into some local delicacies, such as Hoi An’s famed noodle dishes. After you’ve had your fill, try your hand at some farming if you like before hopping in a local basket boat. Observe as the locals row these genius floating devices and relax on the river, then make your way back to your hotel by bicycle.