Hue is one of Vietnam’s calmest cities; an excellent city to explore by bicycle. Head down the colonial Le Loi boulevard looking out for colonial mansions along the way before crossing Hue’s iconic Truong Tien bridge, built by none other than Gustave Eiffel (who also built the Eiffel Tower). Visit the cities business market before delving into the Hue Citadel, a grand walled city of parks and lakes. Explore a traditional garden house, for which Hue is famous, before hopping onto the river.

On a colorful dragon boat, head to the rarely-visited Royal Arena, a colosseum where elephants once fought tigers. Uncover the Elephant Temple nearby to understand the symbolism of the battles before moving onto a grapefruit village and tucking into some delicious fruit following a homecooked lunch. Explore two traditional villages where locals make incense and conical hats and then head to the tombs.

Hue’s tombs are recognized by UNESCO for their cultural heritage, and they’re also fascinating and beautiful places to visit. Explore the tomb of Tu Duc, one of Vietnam’s least effective kings, though he had an affinity for poetry and architecture. He designed his own garden tomb, which blends with the trees and rivers of the area. Enjoy the views over the Perfume River, take in the sunset by a lagoon, and then head back to your hotel.