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With Topas Sport Holidays, you’ll run the trail less traveled while exploring the most unforgettable destinations and experiences in Vietnam. Whether it’s challenging yourself on Sapa’s mountain peaks, pushing yourself to the limit in the sweltering jungles of Pu Luong, or passing quaint Flower H’mong Villages in Moc Chau, it’s sure to be the adventure of a lifetime. 

Find out more about each destination and get some inspiration on what to do after the race is finished below. Where will the trail take you next? 

Vietnam Trail Marathon

Moc Chau, Vietnam | 11 January 2020

Vietnam Trail Marathon (VTM) is the first race of the year, taking place before or after the Lunar New Year, in Moc Chau, Vietnam. Although Moc Chau is only a 4-hour drive west from Hanoi, it is rarely visited by tourists. Resting on a plateau 1000m above sea level, Moc Chau is known for its tea plantations, blossom-filled orchards, and Thai and H’mong ethnic minority villages.

VTM offers four different categories, 10km, 21km, 42km, and 70km, on mostly runnable trail passing through remote villages, farms, flower fields, tea plantations, pine forests, and orchards. The elevation gain ranges from 250m for the 10km race to 3100m on the ultra-marathon 70km distance.

In addition to the VTM event, Moc Chau has many attractions to enjoy with loved ones over 1 or 2 days.

  • Moc Suong Oolong Tea Plantation – Work with farmers and harvesters on the largest tea plantation in the area. Learn about the process and celebrate with a tea party at the end.
  • Ang Village – A community-based tourism initiative with Thai minority people who have turned their traditional stilt houses into communal homestays complete with organic gardens. In addition to creating their own organized tours, the Thai are famous for their handicrafts, such as weavings and embroidered items, which you can buy here. The famous pine forest is here too, so make sure to bring your camera!
  • Dai Yem Waterfall – This cascading waterfall drops from a height of 100m into a small lake, surrounded by lush green vegetation.
  • Pa Phac Village – 5km outside of Moc Chau, this gorgeous village is made up of both Thai and H’mong minorities and spreads through flower fields and up a small mountain.

Vietnam Jungle Marathon

Pu Luong, Vietnam | 24 October 2020

The Vietnam Jungle Marathon’s (VJM) landscape differs greatly from the romantic, mist-covered hills, trees, and flowers of the Vietnam Trail Marathon. Instead, the trail runs through the remote jungles of Pu Luong Nature Reserve, about a 4-hour drive south from Hanoi.

Pu Luong is a pristine paradise located near Mai Chau Valley, a very popular tourist destination. Despite its proximity to Mai Chau, Pu Luong has long been considered an off-the-beaten track location within Vietnam. Expect to run through ancient jungles and around towering limestone karst formations, turquoise waterfalls, sparkling rivers, and small villages cultivating terraced rice fields on race distances of 10km, 25km, 42km, 55km, and 70km. The trail consists of flowing downhills and challenging climbs, with an elevation gain ranging from 300m – 3000m depending on the type of race selected.

VJM is also unique for its finish line, a small minority village which transforms into homestays to take in runners for the weekend, sharing homemade food, laughs, and a little bit of rice wine to celebrate the race’s end.

Pu Luong also has tons of outdoor activities to enjoy, whether you’re a solo traveler, part of a couple, or with your family. It’s also easy to combine Pu Luong with Mai Chau to experience two different kinds of landscapes.

  • Kayaking or rafting on the Cham River
  • Trekking or cycling through ethnic minority villages ( Don, Uoi, Kho Muong, and Hieu Villages)
  • Relaxing on the balcony or by the pool of your accommodation, taking in the stunning surroundings

Vietnam Mountain Marathon

Hoang Lien National Park, Sapa | 20-22 November 2020

The one that started it all, the Vietnam Mountain Marathon (VMM) is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Around 4,000 runners hit the mountains of Sapa, running down dirt paths and narrow trails winding through golden rice terraces, colorful ethnic minority villages, and corn fields. Each route contains physically demanding ascents and breathtaking descents, with even the 10k having an elevation gain of 500m.

The VMM has a variety of races divided over the weekend, with the 100km ultra marathon taking place from the 18th-19th of September, and the 70km and 42km on the 19th of September. A 10km and 15km are scheduled for the 20th of September, while you can participate on either the 19th or 20th of September if entering the 21km race.

This race finishes at the stunning Topas Ecolodge, which is turned into a VMM runner’s village during the weekend. It’s also the only time of year when it’s possible to camp out under the stars on the grounds of Topas Ecolodge with your loved ones. Take some time to sit back and relax during the most beautiful time of year in northern Vietnam to recuperate after the challenging trail!

Sapa is the heart and soul of many of our featured products and exclusive itineraries. Read our destination guide to find out more information about this stunning location and ways to enjoy the area either before or after the race.

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