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There is nothing greater at providing fulfillment (both physical and psychological) than exercise and travel. When we exercise, we give our bodies multiple health benefits, including improving our brain function and ensuring our emotional well-being. Likewise, traveling opens our minds, exposing us to different ways of life and showing how even if the world is so diverse, deep down, we are so similar. And the question arose, why not combine both?

Trail Running Vietnam

Topas Vietnam Trail Series was born from a love of trail running and Vietnam’s impressive natural beauty. Organized by Topas Travel since 2013, one of our races, the Vietnam Mountain Marathon, is now one of Asia’s largest with around 4,000 runners participating annually.

In addition to providing runners with an exciting route through some of Vietnam’s most magical scenery, Topas Vietnam Trail Series has to date donated more than US$250,000 to charities such as Operation Smile, Newborns Vietnam, Sapa O’Chau, and Blue Dragon.

In partnership with Topas Vietnam Trail Series, Topas Travel has developed a set of sport holiday packages including the run as well as activities for your loved ones to experience the beauty of Vietnam together. Learn more about the three different destinations featured during these events below to find out which race is right for you!

Original Featured Packages​

49,718,000 VND

Tu Lan 6-Cave Adventure

5 days | Active


Ultimate Hang En

4 days | Active


The Fairy’s Caves

4 days | Active


Southern Vietnam Adventure

7 days | Active

Central and South Vietnam Adventure thumbnail
35,566,000 VND
36,290,000 VND

Not sure what to choose?​

Vietnam Destination Guide


Dive into planning with our guide to Vietnam’s must-see destinations, packed with insights, itinerary suggestions and practical info.

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The Verdant Rice Basket of Vietnam

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Adventure into the World's Largest Caves!

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